Service learning


Service Learning is a "learn by doing" approach to the curriculum that combines active service to the community with academic study.
Service Learning teaches students that they can make a difference in the community at the same time that they are learning.
The goal of our program is to empower students to improve their community as well as their own problem solving and interpersonal skills.
All students are encouraged to serve in various ways.  Examples of student service include collection drives, volunteering at community-based organizations, and advocating for change.
The Maryland state service learning graduation requirement consists of 75 hours of service or a county approved program.
In Cecil County students are responsible for completing one service-learning project in grades 6, 7, 8, and 9.  Completion of all four projects will meet the MSDE requirement for earning a high school diploma.


Most students will have completed their required Service Learning Project for 6th grade while at North Bay. The project begins here at school with science teachers discussing some of the things students will be doing at North Bay. Students will also complete a prediction chart about what they think will happen at North Bay. Students will be given a journal while at North Bay where they will keep their notes thoughts etc.; this will become an artifact in their Service Learning folder. While in Language Arts class students will be completing their portfolio which includes a reflection piece on their time spent at North Bay

An alternative project will be done here at school for those students who do not attend North Bay

7th Grade: : “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”

Seventh graders will be completing their Service Learning requirement by collecting food for local community outreach programs. Food collected will go directly to Ray of Hope here in Rising Sun. Students will meet a representative from Ray of Hope who will be explaining the purpose and need for food in our county. Students will then bring in canned food, make posters etc. There will be a school wide canned food collection contest.


The 8th grade will be reading stories in Language Arts about the difficulties soldiers face when they return from war “Survive the Homecoming”. Students realized a need in the community as many students know of a soldier overseas or are very well aware of the contribution and dedication of soldiers.

During their Social studies class they will be walking to the Civil War re-enactment at the town park, hearing from re-enactors about life during that time. We will also continue our connection with our deployed soldiers by collecting small items such as candy etc. and making holiday cards and letters for the troops. Students readily created their cards with heartfelt messages.  Many students in the 8th grade contributed candy, etc. The items donated will be given to Soldiers Angels Inc. with whom we have partnered with in the past. We would like to thanks the American Legion with funds they donated to help make this program a success


Meritorious hours may be earned for any outside activities students may be involved in. If your child is involved in any outside activities that might earn them meritorious hours, please contact me for forms. Forms are on our web site as well as here at school. There is a bulletin board to the left in the hall after you enter the school there are forms there as well, feel free to take one. If you have any questions about meritorious hours please contact me.

Our coordinator for Service Learning is Mr. Tom Guns. Please contact him with any questions you might have or by phone 410-658-5535 or 410-398-3019.

STUDENT SERVICE VALIDATION (.PDF) - for Meritorious Hours outside school activities. Forms are also available at school see Guidance or Mr. Guns

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